Animals As Leaders – The Joy Of Motion (LP)


With music that leaves you wondering how its physically possible to play, Animals As Leaders are a prog-metal group that is a leading force in the genre.

Lead guitarist and songwriter, Tosin Abasi, has a natural talent for superb guitar skills. He prefers to use 7 and 8 string guitar versus the traditional 6. Already an established artist, Abasi felt the need to go solo. It was only during his most recent and 3rd ablum, The Joy Of Motion,  that he gained commertial success.

The album opens with Kascade, a mind blowing track that Tosin really feels the needs to show off on. The tracks slowly mellow out, until they reach “Another Year”. Abasi fuses modern jazz with funky riffs to make an enjoyable 4 minute experience.

But before the album ends, it hits you right smack in the face with “The Woven Web”. This track isnt just technically impressive, its unbelievably beautiful. And around halfway through, it breaks down into a metal inspired riff.

Tobin really shows that with skill and alot of patience, you can create a piece of art without speaking a single word. I really believe prog-metal is going places, and I hope to see a rise in popularity very soon.


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