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Royal Tailor – Royal Tailor (LP)


CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) has been assigned a bad rep lately. And I can see why. During its early stages, it had recieved alot of success in the Billboards. But after a decade of the same amient rock-pop, this genre has become stale.

This is the reason I love Royal Tailor.

Using memorable hooks and top notch production,  these 4 musicians make for a great band. Lead vocalist Tauren Wells gives us powerful and up front vocal packed with Christ centered lyrics. Lead guitarist DJ Cox breaks away from the ambient U-2 sounding licks to combine pop chords and funk riffage together. Blake Hubbard gives strong backing bass, and Jarrod Ingram has a forceful presence on drums.


(DJ Cox, Tauren Wells, Blake Hubbard, Jarrod Ingram)

The album starts off with the energetic track “Got That Fire”. Tauren raps for the first 20 seconds before an 80’s style piano riff pops in, along with blasting drums and DJ’s gritty guitar.

Another memorable track is mid way through the album,  “Ready, Set, Go (feat. Capital Kings)”. This track is more pop influenced, partially due to the collaboration with Capital Kings (a CCM dance duo.) With a catchy, make-you-wanna-dance chorus, this song makes you look at Christian music in a whole new manner.

While they may not be transforming CCM, I do feel that bands like Royal Tailor show people that Christian music can be fun to listen to, and worship along with.


Jungle – Busy Earnin’ (Single)


If you haven’t heard of Jungle already, I highly recommend giving them a listen. With a combanation of bass guitar-infused pop-funk, these 2 musicians make for an interesting duo.

While their real names are unknown to the rest of the world, their alias’s are J and T. They are both multi-instrumentalists and vocalists. Although they did just release a self titled debut, I feel that this is one of the best track to start your journey through the Jungle.


(Jungle’s alternate cover art for Busy Earnin’)